Going Back to the Origins” is often a result of a finely tuned research, that is appreciated in time. We know that style and fashion is in fact timeless and we value the creation of iconic traits that are a part of classic undying human values and culture.

Time is not always far away from modern life. At times, it stays with us, in our memory as an art form. On the base of this as inspiration, Seeoo has taken shape, thanks to the creativity of Mr. Gerard Lasnik. Seeoo represents image and tradition in these glasses through an evocative style, with modern flair. Seeoo is technological avant-garde, innovation that distances the concept of uniformity and the “usual” to bring top quality to everlasting design.
Just the mere gesture of putting them on, brings bright illuminating colors to the wearer, who will always be marked by the acetate and metal plate, the classical details that characterize Seeoo.

In synthesis Seeoo is a gift – a gift of class, exclusivity and charm, for both men and women. What’s new doesn’t necessarily come from the future.

Seeoo is for those who love to distinguish themselves by Tradition!

Seeoo, “see the world as it is”.